Like many businesses in industrial sectors, IT security is maturing.

Furthermore, businesses are exploiting the advantages of technological improvements in manufacturing techniques. Greater connectedness is leading to improved quality, greater collaboration and improved productivity.

Cyber Attacks

Businesses are also witnessing increasing evidence of cyber-attacks against industrial control systems. Often IT security practices are seen to equally apply to the OT environment.

While there is of course overlap, different control capabilities (people, process and technology) are required.  Manufacturers need to consider a holistic approach to cyber security capability across both IT and OT environments, drawing on industry-accepted, best-practice frameworks, for example ISO27001, NIST, and IEC62443 for OT environments.

Cyber challenges

Threat and impact

Norsk Hydro were forced to move from computer systems to manual operation as reportedly production lines at 170 plants were stopped. The attack impacted all 35,000 employees across 40 countries, costing approximately $71 million, according to Microsoft Transform. The ransomware Locker Goga has become internationally recognised, having successfully been used against multiple companies and industry sectors.


Opliciti creates appropriate, proportionate cyber security strategy aligned with industry accepted best practice.

Let us help you:

  • Assess and present cyber security as a business risk to drive board ownership and risk appetite.

  • Create business-integrated or aligned cyber security strategy across IT and OT environments to enable safety, resilience and create and protect value.

  • Align with industry accepted best practice, ISO27001, NIST, NIS CAF, IEC62443 etc, identifying prioritised risk and aligning appropriate proportionate controls that are suitably governed.

  • Manage security operations using artificial intelligence and machine learning with automated response to stop cyber threats efficiently and effectively.