Our Partners

Our team of security professionals works with a wide range of partners.

We don’t force you to work with any one brand or to switch over to alternatives unless it is absolutely necessary, saving you time and money.

Our Workshops

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Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Workshop

Learn how to empower people to be more productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft 365.

Defend Against Threats ​with SIEM Plus XDR Workshop

Learn how to put next-generation Microsoft security tools to work for you.​

Mitigate Compliance & Privacy Risks Workshop

Organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of establishing controls that enable them to quickly identify and manage insider risks.​

Secure Identities ​and Access Workshop

Are you aware of suspicious user and sign-in behavior in your environment? Are you threatened by ongoing suspicious requests?​

Protect and Govern Sensitive Data Workshop

Pervasive digital technology and the rapid shift to remote work have greatly expanded the information universe.