Water utilities provide drinking water, wastewater, and water treatment services.

They consist of facilities, distribution systems and information and communication systems, serving a country’s population, its various industries and agriculture.

Looking at cyber risk strategically

For many countries, facilities within the water sector are classed as critical national infrastructure. As the oldest sector, much of the infrastructure is ageing. To improve efficiency and save money, water companies are staring to modernise their environments, using digital technologies to provide real-time reporting and control.

Like other OT environments, water utilities are often dependent on third parties and the supply chain.

Opliciti works with water utility companies to create situation awareness of both their internal operations and external dependencies impacting the OT environment. Furthermore, we help utilities understand the operational and financial impact of a potential cyber incident using realistic scenarios, creating pragmatic solutions underpinned with industry accepted best practice.

Companies must stop looking at reducing cyber risk through just technology. To reduce risk effectively, water utility companies must look at cyber risk strategically.


Opliciti creates appropriate, proportionate cyber security strategy aligned with industry accepted best practice.

Let us help you:

  • Assess and present cyber security as a business risk to drive board ownership and risk appetite.

  • Create business-integrated or aligned cyber security strategy across IT and OT environments to enable safety, resilience and create and protect value.

  • Align with industry accepted best practice, ISO27001, NIST, NIS CAF, IEC62443 etc, identifying prioritised risk and aligning appropriate proportionate controls that are suitably governed.

  • Manage security operations using artificial intelligence and machine learning with automated response to stop cyber threats efficiently and effectively.