Opliciti is Proud to Announce its Rebranding as a Leading, Global Cyber Security Firm

OXFORD, UK – CyberFusion3 Integrated Services today announced that it is rebranding as Opliciti, a leading, global cyber security firm. The new name and branding are a response to the industry’s often complicated communication with B2B audiences. The rebrand also signifies a renewed commitment by the company to helping businesses adapt better to the ever-changing digital landscape.

“This rebranding reinforces our dedication to providing best-in-class cyber security, as well as productivity and mobility solutions, to a wide range of industries and businesses of all sizes,” said CEO, Spencer Summons. “We believe that our new name and branding, and our commitment to simplify the world of cyber security for executives, will help us better connect with our clients and continue providing them with the necessary tools and solutions to protect their businesses.”

‘Opliciti’ is an original name devised by the company’s directors that combines several meaningful and directional concepts that define the new brand.

“We wanted to combine several values that we believe are essential for serving the modern business,” said company executive, Ross Pollock. “Opliciti combines the words ‘operational’ and ‘simplicity’.”

Opliciti does not provide run-of-the-mill security operations centres (SOCs), but tailors advanced SOCs to specific customer requirements. The business also helps clients integrate productivity and modern work solutions that work in harmony with best practice cyber security protocols. The company is agile enough to meet clients at their budget thresholds and grow their managed services in step with their business development.

Opliciti’s innovative solutions and best-in-class team provide the most comprehensive protection against cyber threats. Whether your business is large or small, Opliciti can help you stay safe and secure online.

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